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Teaching Philosophy

The human voice is a highly expressive instrument where both art and science harmonize together. I employ humor and experimentation to provide a safe and secure environment that is tailored specifically to each individual singer. Such a learning space helps put students at ease, facilitates artistic exploration and enables development of their full potential as a singer.

Art is the sharing of the human experience, and art is richer when we embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity. In working with diverse groups of learners, I celebrate each student’s uniqueness by empowering and encouraging my singers to bring their unique experience to their art. This is both a collaborative and individualized process. As an instructor, following the needs of each student is the key to finding an approach best suited for them. I accomplish this by listening to my student’s physical and metaphorical voice, acknowledging that their life journey is unique and vital to their full expression as an artist.

In addition to teaching students with diverse backgrounds, I have taught students in extremely diverse repertoire as well, including contemporary commercial music and classical repertoire. I use my knowledge of 21st century pedagogy including anatomy, biomechanics and acoustics to help my students perfect their artistic craft in varied genres. Additionally, I apply my expertise in psychology, specifically motor learning, to facilitate their skill acquisition. Furthermore, psychological preparation is as crucial as one’s vocal preparation. Auditions, and performing in general, are challenging not only physically, but also psychologically. I work with students on developing habits of mindfulness, or being aware of one’s presence in a moment, which can help alleviate performance anxiety and lead to a more thoughtful and inspired performance. By providing students with the tools to overcome psychological barriers, I believe students are better able to find their voice.

Ultimately, every relationship between voice teacher and student is unique and incredibly rewarding. I am extremely gratified to have the opportunity to work with both advanced students and young artists and believe that by empowering students to explore, in a nurturing environment, we can unlock their inner artist and help them share the human experience through song.

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