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Policies and Rates


The policies listed here are to assist students in my studio so that we may utilize our time together to maximize your growth as voice artists. 


My rate is $60 per hour lesson.  Package deals are also available when you purchase ten lessons as a bundle, the eleventh with being given free of charge.  All payments must be received by the beginning of each lesson.  For this, you will receive expert voice training along with musicianship instruction based on functional scientific knowledge and twenty years of performing experience.  


To ensure that both teacher and student appreciate each others time if you cancel a lesson within 24 hours or do not show up at a scheduled time the lesson will still be charged in full.  If I have 
to miss a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be made up as soon as possible at a time convenient for the student and myself.


The preferred method of communication is via email.  I am also available by phone.

Protocol for lessons

Make every effort to be well rested and focused at the time of your lesson. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that allow for free movement, stable alignment, and full breathing. When preparing repertoire, please arrange for an accompanist. I will provide a list of preferred accompanists upon request. Bring two copies of your repertoire to your lesson.
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